Civilian Exposure Featured in Recent Jacksonville Daily News Article

As Gavin Smith read over a new report released this week from the Institute of Medicine, it was what is missing from the document that raised his concerns. Read More...

Lejeune, Burn Pits Highlighted in Recent VFW Testimony to Congress

Recent Congressional testimony from the head of the VFW references Camp Lejeune water contamination, Iraq burn pits, Agent Orange and more. Read More...

Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel Meetings - ATSDR CDC

Civilian Exposure and its founder are honored to be a part of the Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel. With monthly calls and quarterly meetings at the CDC in Atlanta, Civilian Exposure keeps the Lejeune community informed. Read More...

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View the Impact of Decades of Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Impact studies and maps for water contamination at Camp Lejeune, NC.

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What is Leukemia?

Get the facts on Leukemia for your family.

Benzene and Leukemia: Facts

The proof and the ties involving Benzene and AML.

View the Impact

Impact maps for Camp Lejeune contamination.

Water Safety

How to know your water is safe to drink.
Scores of Civilian DOD personnel may have been exposed to decades of contamination, negligence, and lack of oversight. Civillian Exposure seeks to inform and highlight about contamination issues on Camp Lejeune and all U.S. military bases.